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What is a service like?
Our 11.00am on the first Sunday of the month is for everyone of all ages and aims to be especially family friendly.
On the other Sundays, we start the service with the children and young people going out to their group and coming back later to join the adults for the ending where they play musical instruments and wave flags and streemers.

How long are your services?
All services usually last 1 hour.

What should I wear?
We are an informal church so dress is casual.  Please come as you feel comfortable, even if that means shorts in the warm weather!

What is the music like?
Our worship is led by a small group of musicians and we tend to use modern songs, although sometimes we sing some well-known traditional hymns.

Will I know what to do and say?
People find our services less scary than expected.  We are a welcoming group of people and our services are setup so that you can relax and get to know us as a church.  The service leader helps us to join in but we are happy for you not to join in with anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

What about Holy Communion?
Sharing bread and wine is an important part of our life together as a church community, reminding us what Jesus did for us.  We come up for communion in rows so just follow those next to you.
Everyone who is a committed Christian and who usually takes bread and wine in their home church is welcome to join us for communion.
If you would rather not receive communion, please still come forward for a blessing, keeping your hands by your side, or you are welcome to remain in your seat.

Do I have to give money?
Absolutely not.  If you are new to St John's, you may give some money towards the work of the church on the estate but you are also free to pass the collection plate to the next person without putting anything in it.

What next?
After attending church for some time, you may decide to explore the Christian faith further to see if God is calling you to follow Him.
There are various courses running throughout the year, so please speak to the vicar to find out more.

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