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Adult Baptisms


An increasing number of adults are joining us who have never been regular church goers before.  They aren't looking for 'religion'; they are looking for meaning in their lives and want to connect with a God they believe in but don't yet know personally.  Being a Christian isn't about being a good or religious person. It is about recognising our need for God and responding to his goodness and love by offering our lives to his son Jesus Christ.

Many come with a desire to be baptised and want to explore the Christian faith before making a public declaration to follow Jesus, who is alive and who makes a real difference to our lives.

If you have a desire to explore the Christian faith and the possibility of baptism, just come along to one of our Sunday services and you will be assured of a warm and friendly welcome.

Infant Baptisms


If you would like to have your child baptised, please contact Rob the vicar on 01582 731692 or and he will arrange a time to meet you.


First of all, we encourage you to come along and see what you think about St John's.  The All Age Service on the first Sunday of the month is a good place to start.

If you live outside our parish and don’t come to St John's, please contact your local vicar first.


Please ensure that to avoid disappointment, you don't book a date without agreeing it with us first.



If you are considering a church wedding, please come along to a service to talk to the vicar or contact him by phone or email:


01582 731692


A good place to find out more about church weddings is:


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