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Here is an email Rob sent out on 14th May 2020...

Dear all,

I hope you are managing well under the current circumstances.  May God be your strength during this time and may He give you unlimited patience to deal with the current difficulties we face.

In my personal experience, every ten years or so a book comes along that challenges me in my understanding of the Gospel.  This is never comfortable, but always profitable!

I have recently read a wonderful book that moved me deeply and I believe it would benefit all Christians to read it, in addition to their Bibles, of course!

So, I am proposing to lead a Book Study in a few weeks' time to allow us to consider who we are and what we do as a church, both in Farley Hill and Caddington.

The book I am referring to is 'Restoring the Woven Cord' by Michael Mitton and focuses on the early Celtic Church in the British Isles.  This church had a huge impact on a society that was essentially pagan but which still had some remnants of the Roman Church, left behind after the Roman Empire crumbled.

In spiritual terms, the Britain of that time wasn't much different to the Britain we know today.

The book helps us to consider, chapter-by-chapter, how or if we should adopt some of the Celtic Church's characteristics in order to better engage with our local communities and see God's Kingdom come in power.

Please take a look 'inside' the book at Amazon ( and let me know if this is something you would like to study with me.  I am happy to run an evening and daytime session on Zoom once a week to work through the book one chapter at a time.

The book costs around £10 but is quite hard to get hold of in any quantity. However, if you want to be involved in the study, I am happy to order it for you from a reliable supplier and deliver it to your doorstep.

If you can't afford the book, tell me and I will get you a copy free of charge.

I look forward to journeying with you and to hearing from you soon.

Every blessing,


Revd Rob O'Neill, Vicar
St John's Farley Hill &
All Saints Caddington
01582 731692


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